How to add resume to linked

How to add resume to linked

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In the following, 1916, the province’s grain market fell into an unstable position in the second half of the year despite the good collected harvest65. At theend of the harvest, the former mass was not observed. the supply of peasant bread for sale did not justify itself and hopes for sleigh way 66. The current situation was explained by the fact that during the year of sobriety in the old need for money disappeared in the village and the internal consumption, landlords do not have the means to deliver bread to the market. Position aggravated by the fact that after the announcement of the fixed prices for wheat, landowners stopped selling it, seeking price increases67. 62 Ibid. 63 Bulletin 1915.-

64 GAOO, f.580. Article 2, d.4596, l.225. Emergency report of the Karachevsky district police officer. 05/06/1915. 65 GAOO, f.580. Article 2, 4715, l.126. Telegram of the Sevsk leader of the nobility, police officer and chairman City Government Orel governor. 29. 07. 1916 In the same place, l.53. Report of the public Trisvyatsky Dmitrovskaya City Duma. 08/25/1916 In addition, they write about the situation in Dmitrovsk: OV.- 1916.-15 June and OK.-1916.-14 September. GAOO, f.580. Article 2, 4715, l.108. Report to the Oryol Governor of the Yelets Petty-Bourgeois Government. 12/04/1916 In the same place, l.149. Report of the Yelets police chief to the Oryol governor 12.10. 1916 In the same place, l. Report of the Lievensky district police officer to the Oryol governor 09/15/1916. 66 Herald -1916.- №15-18. 67 Ibid. 51 In 1916, there was a temporary absence in the sale of milk, cream oils, vegetables, mainly because of the unwillingness of peasants to take them to the cities68. Some townspeople began to start cows, but the high cost of fodder made them content is unprofitable69.

The lack of such a product was very sensitive for the population. like sugar. Almost without own production capacities, Oryol Province depended entirely on rail shipments. First the difficulties began in mid-1915, when in Orel there was a noticeable lack sugars for the population, the garrison and hospitals70. Really tense the situation was in 1916, when the much-needed tea drinking product now and then disappeared from sale in Orel and county towns. The merchants released it 1-2 pounds in hand, sold tea to the load to Saharu71. The reason for all this was seen in the fact that the Bureau for the Distribution of Sugar delays the orders for its shipment from the plants72. There were several reasons for the famine.

By 1916 the number of employees sugar factories in the Russian Empire declined73. Significant Difficulties arose due to the lack of sugar beet seeds, the main which suppliers before the war was Germany. Lower seed quality and sugar beet care entailed a decrease in yields and gross fees beets, a lot of it was lost due to late delivery and delivery to the plants, who,besides difficulties in obtaining raw materials, themselves experienced difficulties with labor and fuel.

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