How to make a good resume

How to make a good resume

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Report design requirements

For each completed laboratory work, the student must prepare an individual written report for its delivery (protection) and receipt of credit. The report on the laboratory work is performed on sheets of format A-3.

A typical report on laboratory work should contain: title page; serial number and name of the laboratory work; problem statement; description of the problem solving algorithm; description of the data structures used; user interface description; printout of the source code (listing) of the program with comments; description of test cases; test run results; list of used information sources.

The form of the title page is given in Appendix 1.

The “Problem Statement” section is a technical task for developing a program; it should not contain ambiguities and ambiguities. If necessary, the student can clarify and define the problem statement at the teacher.

Thus, the program is considered as a black box, for which the function (requirements and criteria), input and output data should be clearly and fully defined. Below is a typical example of the “Task Statement” section.


The questionnaire for the population contains two groups of questions.

The first group contains information about the respondent: age; floor, education (primary, secondary, higher).

The second group contains the questionnaire itself, the answer to which can be either “YES” or “NO.”

Create a program that: Enters the entry of the filled-in questionnaires and forms a linear bidirectional (doubly-connected) list of them; based on the processing of the linear list, it implements the following requests: how many men over 40 who have a higher education answered the question questionnaire “YES”, how many women under 30 years old with secondary education answered the question questionnaire “NO”, how many men younger than 25 years of primary education, answered the question questionnaire “YES”; produces a withdrawal of all questionnaires and responses to requests. The program should: provide dialogue through custom screens; control input errors (input data for acceptable values). In the section “Description of the Algorithm for Solving the Problem,” the specific algorithmic decisions made by the student during programming for the implementation of the task should be described.

A typical example of this section for the above statement of the problem has the following form


Data entry (completed questionnaires) is carried out in the dialogue (interactive) mode. Input is desirable to make using the custom screen 1.

Entering the results of the survey is possible only after entering all fields information about the respondent, which ensures the correctness of the original data. If this condition is not met, a corresponding error message is displayed.

Each section of information about the respondent is entered in its own custom screen field. Entering the field “name” is not formalized. The fields “Age”, “Sex” and “Education” are entered in the “user-friendly” interface mode using the permissible value scales.

Thus, the user during data entry is only enough to select the desired value from the proposed list.

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