How to make resume

How to make resume

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Bread was one of the most important foods, so  provision of population to them was of strategic importance. Growing  naturalization of peasant farms to the limit has reduced income to  the market for lots of grain produced in the province. Local Consumer   58 Bulletin -1916 No. 19-20.  49  the market of the province was filled by bringing grain from other regions to private  merchants who served local residents and had business connections with  by persons purchasing grain at the place of its production. Merchants  bought grain in small batches. Railway congestion  military traffic caused long delays in private shipments on  departure stations. In addition, administrative measures for  ensure the supply of army prohibited the export of products and raw materials from  one province to another. All this violated the existing trade relations and  deprived the counties that needed imported bread its traditional canals  delivery. 

Earlier all experienced the effects of factors that caused disruptions in  supply, Bryansk industrial area. Low Fields  the western part of the province gave such a small crop that even in  the fruitful years the villagers bought food on the side in exchange  for forest products firewood and lumber59. At the same time on  Bryansk and Bezhitsa enterprises were concentrated a large number of workers and  their families, entirely dependent on the availability of products in factory shops.  Already on July 21, 1914, the Chief of Bryansk Plant Maltsevsky  the company informed the governor that the available stocks of bread  provide the need Maltsevskogo area for several days60.  Impossibility, due to the prohibitions imposed, to export previously purchased  the calculation of the timely delivery of bread led to the fact that at the end of March  In 1915, the factory stocks were again almost exhausted61. In the spring of 1915, the lack of bread was felt throughout province, covering almost all cities.

In addition to Bryansk posts about him  came from Orel, from the north from Bolkhov and Mtsensk, from the south-west from Dmitrovsk and Krom, from the west from Trubchevsk and Karachev, and even from the south from   59 OK. -1916 July 27. 60 GAOO, f.580, d.4398, l.1. Petition of the Chief Executive Officer of Maltsevsky Plants to the Oryol Governor.  21. 07. 1914 61 Ibid.  50  Yelets and Sevsk62. Affected by the cessation of local supply due to spring  rasputsya while traders did not make large stocks for sale  due to frequent price fluctuations.

The bread market has a general effect.  price increase for agricultural products that is fast  Stocks of small producers 63 stretched out. Railway difficulties messages have led to a violation of grain traffic even from stations in  within the province64. In the spring of 1915, for the first time in the cities of the province  a situation where, in order to purchase bread, flour or cereal,  get around several shopping establishments and not always get what you want  the quantity of goods, and sometimes not get it at all the next day again  start searching.

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