What is a resume

What is a resume

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Providing for the expansion of the use of small loans, and to some extent overcoming the existing narrow-leaved the direction of this kind of lending, the government considered necessary in his decision to indicate that later in the Office state savings banks should include a representative Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

According to the cabinet, institution, created on such a basis would have to be financed not only peasants, but also industrialists and artisans. Despite some efforts by the government in development of a network of small credit institutions, in matters of expanding the scope of use of their funds, facilitate and reduce the cost of credit operations, the national economic need for this was higher than suggested. The next step in this direction should be, as noted, “revision of the statute of small credit institutions” and its further adaptation “to the emerging demands of the country” However, this composition Cabinet did not have time to implement his plan in this matter.

The implementation of the main ideas of local reform envisaged as strengthening the role of local governments in provincial life so and “rapprochement with government bodies and giving and urban public activity nature of public service. Their joint work was to create all conditions for cultural and cultural economic recovery of cities and, and this in turn should promote the “direct rise of the productive forces of the country” But as the government noted, “no matter how wide the [local authorities] in the field of local economy powers, whatever legal principles were not laid down in their organization, they are without a tide sufficient money can not bring their work really useful results Even the most necessary for internal life of Russian cities and the event is doomed to failure if it is not funded. Local well-being depended on government grants which stood out on the basis of applications from local authorities, since the local budget was extremely meager. Basically count on assistance was possible if the population of the area suffered from crop failures, either suffered from a natural disaster or were any other unforeseen circumstances.

Of course, in some cities had their own credit institutions, for example, urban public banks. At the same time, as noted by the magazine “Industry and trade with a weak development of trade and communications and lack of initiative in the general public, there are many localities in which all the need of local life is in credit satisfied exclusively by city banks. ”^

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